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My books are published by Dundrun Press and are available at book stores or from on-line retailers like Amazon, Barns and Noble, or Chapters. Signed and personalized copies are available from me via email and Paypal.

Mapping the Wilderness

David Thompson's story is one of the great tales of Canadian adventure. His life was a mixture of truth and legend, but he was without a doubt one of the greatest surveyors and mapmakers of the North American Continent. Raised in a charity school in London, he then travelled extensively, recording valuable navigational information. His life was one of adventure and hardship but also incredible accomplishment. "Mapping the Wilderness" aims to expose young readers to the lives of Canadians who changed the world for the better.

A Trail by Stars

"A Trail by Stars" chronicles the journey of David Thompson using excerpts from  Thompson's own journals. Thompson travelled some 80,000 kilometers by canoe, on foot, or on horseback. He charted a continental area so vast it remains a mapping achievement unparalleled in human history.